To make this year’s Teacher’s day a little more special and memorable "SHI ACADEMY" a Company Level Training providing wing of fast growing Search Engine Optimization Company known as “SEOHUNK INTERNATIONAL LLP” has launched a Free education programme as "SHI SAVERA" Getting India Skilled.

"SHI SAVERA" is being designed keeping eye to the rural and BPL (Below Poverty Line) students all over India. This Programme is completely a "Free of Cost" training program having a slogan as "Getting India Skilled".

As we all know economist and business tycoon’s believe that 21st Century is going to ASIA Century, where Countries like India & China going to play the big roles. To compete with countries like China we have to focus more in Skill Development Programme in India. Our PM Mr. Modi has been continuously saying about Skill development in India.

In today’s digital world, computer illiteracy is an overwhelming obstruction to many students from the rural villages of India (Mostly from BPL Family). Please put on a smile on your face!! Through “SHI SAVERA” programme We are going to educate the students on Basics of Computer Education, Internet Education, along with high level premium Courses as Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization. It will bring young students an opportunity to learn and practice on computers, free of Cost.

Many older men and women benefit as well, as these Resource Centers bring provide useful supplements and knowledge for agriculture and vocational trades. Recently SHI ACADEMY has one Branch at Bhubaneswar, through this center the company is aiming to deliver the Courses to the students enrolled for the "SHI SAVERA" programme. Upon getting more n more requests/applications from different cities or Districts, Company will be establishing more centers as well as providing online education via Video Conferencing.

The training programme will be duration of 2 to 3 months. After Completion of training an examination will be conducted as well as ISO-Certified Certificate will be provided. Students securing more than 70% marks will be listed in the Company’s website as well as their record will be shared with other ITES company’s searching such talents.

I (Subhrajit Swain from Seohunk International) am very glad to educate young students under this “SHI SAVERA” programme and wish to contribute a little towards improvement of the NATION. "HAMARA BHARAT MAHAN".

(Subhrajit: With the Students of KIIT-E Cell Presenting Corporate Culture)

We are aiming to train more than 500 students this year through this programme for Free of Cost. Classes will be conducted in several batches from Morning 8.00 Am till 9.00 PM during weekdays.

(Subhrajit: With the Students of USBM Presenting “Why Search engine visibility is business Success)

(Subhrajit & Team: PROF A. A Khan, Dean BIITM, Bhubaneswar “Seed of Success”)

Hence don’t get delayed before we run out of seats. Email us your details at info@seohunkinternational.com along with all supporting documents. You call us and register at 9238101012 & 8093010102.